Şehirleri Bedava Keşfetmenin 16 Yolu!

What a wonderful thing to explore! Cities are waiting for you to solve them, like riddles with history, people, events and textures. Do not worry if you have the budget to fly in that city and your pocket you want to explore . Actually it’s not as expensive as you’d like to discover cities, it’s even free! We have listed the methods of free-of-city exploration for you, we read, you get inspired, your plans start right away!

1- Free City Tours


If we are talking about exploring cities for free, of course, the first name we will give is ‘Free Walking Tours’ under the global name. These tours you can find in almost all of the big cities are free, but it is suggested that you give them as a tip if you are out of your mind. The lounges of the city are introducing corner streets, street street cities with all the details you would normally not know. You see every place you need to be a tourist, you reset the risk of disappearing, you meet other travelers from all over the world. An inedible service.

2- Mobile Applications

Now we’ll talk about a couple of free apps that will do a lot of work for you when you explore cities.

Spotted By Locals


This is what the application name is doing. He promotes cities with articles written by local residents. There are a certain number of locals introducing each city and the language of the articles is English. Makaleler: Restaurants, Culture & Art, Bars, Cinema, Cafes, Music, Shopping, Snacks, Relaxation and Theater separated by categories. If you buy the app, you can use all articles and maps offline. But you can get all of this information free of charge, all you need is Wi-Fi 🙂


the meetup.

If you are a little shy about making friends, want to improve your language and you do not know how to do it, this app will make you very happy if you want to meet people who have similar areas. Meet Up asks you to select the categories you are interested in, then offers you groups within the app. Each city has different groups and you have a lot of options in your practice, from groupings you will go to develop your language and make friends, to chat groups where the same professional traveler and locals will join.



Our favorite part in this practice is the events listed under the heading ‘Free’ 🙂 Nearify lets you know about events happening around you. Of course, as in every application, in this application you first mark your interests, the event maps are shaped according to this algorithm.  Music, Comedy, Party, Theater, Festival, Life Style, Photography, Art, Dance, Adventure, Sports, Film, Cooking, Children’s Activities, Tourism, Business Arms, Technology, Spiritual Activities, Humanities, Community Topics, Workshops these titles are divided into several sub-titles.

3- Showcase Navigation


Photo: Marketo Blog

Every city has its streets filled with travelers, usually closed to traffic. These streets in your brown hand create a mosaic of local brands from new fashion trends, city style, trendy brands, looking at the showcase and waiting for you to explore. Do not wait too long to discover these shop windows, but to find out what people in the city are spending and what they are spending is actually revealing something that is not written in any blog or brochure. The delights of the locals, what they care about, and maybe their dreams.

Needless to say, dozens of shopping malls will probably be 5 minutes away to live in the same arbitrary air-conditioned environment 🙂

4-Free Yoga Lessons


If you are interested in yoga, check out the web sites or facebook pages of yoga studios in your city. These studios are generally free of charge under the name of the first lesson of the lesson. The districts and yoga groups that are located on the facebook of the cities will be a signifier of a free yoga cradle in the park. So this mighty culture might have been capitalized but the parks are still our beloved yogis!

5-Free Beaches


Photo: Bracelona Turismo

Turkey is a distant concept of ‘free beaches’ in the world but the situation is not that grave as in our beautiful coast. Each city has many free beaches (in fact many are free) and the only thing you need is sunscreen and towels. If you are on your own, we recommend you carry something of value with you and do not ruin your experience in the case of an unfortunate theft to be experienced by the sea.

6- Design your own tour!

their round-the-prepare to

Photo: maculcommunity.org

Because the tours are very expensive, they know where to take you and provide service. In fact, you can do it yourself on touristic city tours. Navigate and open suggestions for other apps and blogs you use, mark them on google maps, create your route, and start walking. If you persuade your hostel or your friends at the hotel, you can get big discounts at the places you go.

By the way, do not forget that if your theme is night bar tours, your hostel will probably offer you this event free of charge!

7- Free Museum Days


Okay, we accept, not all of the museums, but some of them are public days. This is free as you would expect museum entries on special days. Take a look at the websites of the museums you want to visit, and if you do not have websites in the museum you can get the most accurate information from the state-linked sites that end up with .gov. It is also free of charge, especially if modern art museums are not free to enter. A small web search is enough to learn about these activities.

8- Parks our!


The city’s parks are full of beauty in the midst of the city, so that travelers can enjoy the city’s breathtaking green places, picnics, beautiful people, children’s laughter, the favorite address of domestic animals, dreaming or balancing on a rope. If you have a towel or picnic cover, your sandwich, your book, your music list, go to the nearest park. The parks are free (ie most :)) and always offer more than you would expect. Before you make your plan, ask the hostel or a local restaurant where you will most certainly enjoy the most pleasant and safe parks.

9- Street Performances


Street artists can come across the street, on the street where you walk, at the entrance of a building or in parks, and meet you with melodies that you have not heard before. Sometimes you think of them as sculptures, sometimes you can get a magic show, sometimes you can witness an awesome valse. You are applauded by these awesome talented people from you and no matter what your heart desires. Do not you feel like you are a movie hero when these people discover joy and pleasure and explore the city?

10- Follow the FB Backpacker Pages of the City!


Photo: Videoblocks

The highlight of these pages is that travelers like you share their experiences with each other in cities, sometimes they want to share their free space with another traveler or share their ticket for an event. There are people in the world who really want to share it, do not be surprised, but do not leave your attention to our unique recommendation 🙂

11- Free Events


In our previous content, we actually talked about this. There are dozens of free events every day in every city. It is possible to find these events by marking the ‘free events’ part of town’s event websites. These events are sometimes a fashion show, sometimes a bicycle tour, and sometimes a hiking activity. Choose from dozens of options, choose the event you want and get to know the city and localities a little more closely in your travels.

12- Markets as a Cultural Experience


Photo: Inside Gold Coast

If you think how to help the market to discover the city is making a big mistake. Markets are the free way to teach the city what they eat, what they wear, what they produce on their soil, and which fish they have in their waters. Of course you can google this information, but when you have an experience to address 5, why read articles? (Keep reading about us anyway)

13- City icons

Leaning Tower of Pisa

Nobody can ask for money from you to see sculptures in the heart of the city, to stand in front of the city’s historic structures or to look at the iconic view of the city! Each sculpture and history is actually a story. It is like visiting these historical sculptures and structures knowing these stories intently and discovering another secret of the city. Remember, cities are like open-air museums, and if you know what you are looking for, that experience is more unforgettable.

14- Libraries


You’re tired, you need to relax, maybe you need some quiet after the busy day. You want to spend some time in a quiet place, maybe you want to do a bit of research on the city, maybe you want to do some work on a computer. Then the city libraries are waiting for you with thousands of books, quiet environment, free water, internet and calmness. The libraries are not all free, you have to be a member to login to some of them. For this reason, do not forget to do your research beforehand, do not pin your free library on your map.

15- Churches and Cathedrals

the church

Photo: Paris Paree

In fact, we can call a free museum with religious motifs and historical motifs found in cities. You can read from the walls of what cities are influenced by the city, or to what cultures it resembles, by going in and sitting on a bench or by burning your candle and wandering around a bit.

16- Water Free!


Photo: Hostel Ruthensteiner

It is possible to find free water in the hostels you stay. Do not forget to fill your pet bottles or juices with water to move around in a more healthy way without being thirsty in the streets. Pet bottles show city price differences from the city and are generally not cheap, and most importantly every pet bottle you buy gets turned back to nature. Protect your nature and your wallet, fill your water at your hostel.


get lost

The most magical way to discover a city is really getting lost. Forget the map and start walking. You will be more aware of what you see, move slower, spend a restful day with the lightness of purpose. And as you might guess, we are completely free to disappear!

Featured image: Polkadot Passprot

Do you have different suggestions for these free events? Type in comments, tiwrite or write your facebook page.

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